High Interest Savings Account: Earn High Interest and Receive More than with a Traditional Bank Savings Account

Make your money do the work. Earn up to 10% APY on your hard-earned cash, paid out daily.

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Earn the Cashero Way

You want to earn interest on your money, right? We understand. You've come to the right place.

If your money is sitting in a bank account, chances are you’re losing money. High yield savings account interest rates should beat inflation and make you money. Unfortunately, most don’t.

Introducing a first-of-its-kind approach to high yield savings. Cashero, the superhero your hard-earned money has been waiting for.

How Does Cashero’s High Yield Savings Work?

We get you the best high-yield interest rates (between 4%-10% annually) by managing an intelligent portfolio for you. Do that thing rich people do, earn money while you sleep. Leave the hard work of optimizing your finances to Cashero and watch your money grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a high-yield savings account?

To open an account with Cashero, simply download the app to your smartphone, sign up to make a profile, add money to your account, and you will automatically start earning inflation-beating interest rates of 4%-10% APY.

On the main Wallet screen within the Cashero app, you’ll be able to click on Chart View. Here you can see how much you’ve invested and your earnings over different periods of time. Regularly checking your digital account balance and the interest you have earned online will help you be aware of your finances and know what funds you have available.

APY stands for annual percentage yield. It measures your interest rate over a year, including the effects of compounding interest. It represents how much you will earn from your investment in your savings account in one year.

The short answer is no. The long answer is also no. Rest at ease knowing your money can grow faster through your savings account interest without fees eating away at your earnings. Opening an account with Cashero is free, and it's a privilege you don't want to miss.

Yes. Your money is protected using multi-party computation (MPC) and hardware isolation with Intel SGX enclaves. It sounds complex and it is, on purpose. These security layers ensure your money, account, and information is safe and protected.

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