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Save on Exchange Fees

You know those great currency exchange rates you see advertised everywhere? That’s the actual rate on the Cashero app. Most banks use a lower rate. No bait and switch. Convert currency almost at the speed of light with a small, transparent fee.

Your One Tap Hub for Easy Currency Exchange

By using the Cashero app, you can hold your money (stablecoins) in one place, make instant transfers and save on exchange fees. We give you the best possible rates so you can say goodbye to those excessive bank fees.


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Add funds to your Multi-Currency Wallet and hold USD, EUR, or GBP stablecoins

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Exchange the USD, EUR, or GBP in seconds

Ready for a currency exchange platform with no surprises? Seamlessly exchange currencies using your Cashero wallet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I exchange funds from one currency to another?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, hit the exchange button on the main Wallet screen. The Exchange screen will show you the live exchange rate at that moment. Select the currency and the amount you wish to exchange and hit the Exchange button. Your funds will be converted instantly and you can confirm your transaction by verifying your new balance on the Wallet screen.

Cashero allows you to instantly convert between United States dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), or British pounds (GBP).

Cashero may charge a small fee to convert currencies in your online wallet and you can do so in seconds. Everything will be displayed in the app, with no hidden fees ever.

Cashero uses a transparent exchange rate to convert money from one currency to another. Cashero has no hidden fees and the whole transaction is transparent.

Exchanging currencies with the Cashero app is instant.

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